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Liquorice facts and anecdotes

Did you know that liquorice was a herb!!! It is actually the sweetest natural eating herb making it 50 times sugar than sugar… And its low in fat!

Celebrity devotees include Tom Hanks, Nigella Lawson, Brad Pitt, Anne Hathaway, Madonna and experimental TV chef Heston Blumenthal.

In the legendary film “The Tramp” the shoe that Charlie Chaplin ate was made of liquorice!!

Our Liquorice Favorites

Mixed Bag

A Selection Of 12 Small Sticks. Our Very Best Italain Liquorice, And Candy Sticks.

A Perfect Present If You Cant Decide!

Price: £5.00

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12 Original And Best

12 Of Our Small Italian Liquorice Sticks. A Must For The Liquorice Connoisseur

Price: £5.00

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Liquorice Lovers gift bag

A selection of our fondant filled, gourmet Italian liquorice. A must for all you liquorice lovers!

12 assorted sticks

Price: £5.00

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Pure Liquorice Tin

Award winning Pure liquorice from Amarelli.

Small pieces of Italy's finest liquorice presented in the "old England Tin"

This liquorice was featured on Nigellissima! It was used to make her liquorice pudding.

Sugar and Gluten Free

20 Gram Tin.

Price: £2.50

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Giant Liquorice Wheel

Natrual Italian Liquorice Rolled Into A Giant Wheel, With A Bubblegum In The Centre!!

Price: £1.50

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White Choc & Strawberry Liquorice.

This sweet liquorice coated in white chocolate and tossed in cascades of strawberry kisses. A Personal favourite of mine!


160 Gram Jar.

Price: £8.25

ABC Gift Box

A Gift Box containing a selection of the finest Danish Chocolate coated Liquorice.

1 x Lakrids A - Chocolated coated Liquorice.
1 x Lakrids B - Passion & Choc Liquorice.
1 X Lakrids C - Dark & Coffee Liquorice.

Gluten Free

Price: £28.00

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Liquorice Pipes

Back By popular Demand!

These Traditional Sweet liquorice pipes are the real deal!! Imported from Sweden these a must for any Liquorice Lover.

2 x Individual pipes.

Price: £1.00

Salty & Sweet Gift Box

When choosing between Sweet and Salty seems to be a difficult decision, Sweden's liquorice factory have now solved the problem by combining their premium quality liquorice in this beautifully presented gift box.

Gluten Free

300 Grams.

Price: £15.00

Liquorice Novelties Box

Barrats Liquorice Novelties - a bright retro style box containing all your favourite liquorice.

Includes catherine wheels, liquorice wands, traffic lights, watch straps and liquorice spinning tops!

what more could any liquorice lover ask for?

Price: £7.50